How to make my webpage the same on all computers?

+2 Austin DeWitt · April 15, 2015
          My friend and I are making a website just for fun, but we encountered an obnoxious problem while making it. The webpage looks perfect on my monitor, but when we loaded it on my friend's computer the spacing thrown off horribly. He has a bigger monitor than I do, so I was just wondering if there is a spacing technique that allows you to make it appear the same? Should I be using em or % for all the sizing and spacing instead of px? Or is there a javascript technique that allows your to convert the size? I was doing my research and everyone said it's not possible, but every website I've been on ever looks fine on every monitor.
any help is appreciated thanks!:)

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+2 Abdullah Nauman · April 15, 2015
This concept is called Responsve Web Design. Here are bucky's tutorials on how to fix your problem:,
0 Austin DeWitt · April 15, 2015
Thanks for the info Abdullah! I watched video #1 of the series and it seems to be exactly my problem, thanks again!:)
+2 suraj rathod · April 21, 2015
use css framework to manupalate .you can use bootstrap 
+1 Ian Arbuckle · April 21, 2015
I would be looking at exploring frameworks and the most popular ones out there are Bootstrap and Foundation.
0 Abdullah Nauman · May 12, 2015
No problem Austin! 
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