How to create a action/tab bar?

0 Günther Grass · April 14, 2015
Hello guys,

I'm new with Android Studios and have to create some kinda car pooling app for my school (simple one). Therefore I would like to give me some advice and help.

I would like to have a action/tab bar (idk the right name) with three major activities: SEARCH, OFFER, MYPROFILE.

How can I get it via Android Studio?

Here is a drawing how it should look like

Thanks in advance

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0 Dol Lod · April 29, 2015
My suggestion is to use a linear layout or listview. Have each row correspond to the drawing.

Have the last row be composed of 3 buttons with a name written on them. Then just make it so if you click on any on any of them, they will enable you to switch from one activity to another. 

I have no idea how to do your overall application. However the closest I can suggest to an action bar is shown above. 
0 Kuroodo Ditory · April 29, 2015
Not sure how it would be done (I don't use Android studio & any android sdk code).

But learn about making GUI's for androids apps. i'm sure the TheNewBoston has tutorials on guis for android in their android tutorials.

If anything try to see if you can implement Scene2D into to your app and use that.

Maybe use libGDX since that already has Scene2D, but libGDX is more of a game development framework. But you should also be able to make any kind of app with it.
0 Günther Grass · April 28, 2015
Please, if someone could help me
0 Günther Grass · April 14, 2015
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