Anyone else notice the weird...

0 Garrett Gillette · April 14, 2015
Anyone else notice the awkward and weird way people reply to posts around here? It may just people not using there native language which is understandable but I've seen where someone asks a question and it gets solved and people keep replying saying they have the same problem. Am I missing something?

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+1 Dol Lod · April 14, 2015
No, very few people actually check the forums to see if a similar problem is found in general. Sadly, you are not missing anything. 

On a side issue, some of these problems are identical, but b/c of the titles for the problems, they simply aren't found:

"Help Me", "I need help with this problem", "Please help", 

instead of "How do you get cstrings to retain their value?", "How do you access an SQL database" ...

The how questions are much more valuable b/c they can easily be used as a reference for other people instead of posting their problem specifically. 
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