Elementry OS along side windows 8

+1 Rehman . · April 14, 2015
Hello guys, i am trying to install elementry os along side windows 8 when i'm on the installation menu it doesn't provide me an option to "install elemtry along side windows8" and when even i install elemntry on separate drive it doesn't install like after installing it asks for reboot and after rebooting it just goes straight to already installed windows 8 no grub menu is shown where i can select the OS. secondly i have checked the partitions on windows it shows the drive D completely free 100%, while elementary shows the complete installation
Do anyone know what should i do here ?

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+1 Rehman . · April 14, 2015
hahhhh, cleared the issue i was a tiny stupid thing i missed during installation it actually asks for the grub to install i need to select the whole hard drive so that after loading disk it will ask whether to choose elementary or windows.
:p lol
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