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+1 Dima Sama · June 26, 2014
Hello fellow roommates, (is that the proper term for buckysroom users?)

I'm new here in buckysroom, though i know of its existence before but i never visit it i just go straight to forum. I'm a computer engineering student and in my last year just months ago but i decided to drop out because of buckys advice (just kidding). The same as you lot, i love computer related stuffs like programming and wanted to learn new programming language and also refined other skills i acquired when i was a student.

Enough introduction what i wanted to say was i just wanted to have friends that i can share knowledge and ideas. :)

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0 Dima Sama · June 27, 2014
Hello :), nice to meet you :)
+1 William Frost · July 18, 2014
Mate, I don't see you here at all :(
0 Dima Sama · July 19, 2014
Haha I always visit this site, it's just i rarely post. I prefer to read stuff in here. :D
+1 William Frost · July 19, 2014
Be in the chat? :(
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Just joined the website? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Oh, by the way, welcome to BuckysRoom!

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