For the XAMPP 1.8.2 PHP Version 5.4.27 users OOP LOG IN REGISTER

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0 Eyeshield Rosalin · April 13, 2015
This is the OOP log in register I've make.
The name of my database is thesis the other just as Alex did.
This is working fine but still have some weaknesses
unlike Alex did in the tutorial, this code is modified to get rid of errors
If you can upgrade or make it better please do so and help me.

1. Errors in creating account modified
2. The token if statements in the changing password and updating profiles commented out
3. escape function not included because it's not working
4. How can I retrieve password, eventhough I've hashed custom passwords
   copy passwords and salts to one account to another.
5. Just examine the crap will ya! :v
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