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+3 Craig Kollross · April 13, 2015

I just started watching the MongoDB tutorials. Everything worked fine until I tried to use Mongo terminal inside JetBrains. When trying to connect I get this error message: NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/execution/runners/ConsoleExecuteActionHandler,
and the terminal window will not open.

Thanks for any help.

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+1 vinit anchan · April 16, 2015
Same problem..

At 3:08 mins, the shell doesn't open..
0 Kevin Pasquarella · June 4, 2015
Same thing with me, I know a few others who have had this problem too. Server is set up properly and everything. 
0 Danny O'Connor · May 7, 2015
Ran into this issue seems the plugin is not up to date with versions of IntelliJ newer than 14.1
0 Kevin Pasquarella · June 17, 2015
You have to install an older version of IntelliJ. I got IntelliJ 13.1 and Mongo worked fine on that. 
0 brad s · August 10, 2015
I couldn't find/get the older version.
0 brad s · May 16, 2015
Same issue here.

Anyone know of a fix?
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