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+1 Yazer Cha · April 12, 2015
I am getting near the end of all of Bucky's c++ tutorials and I would like some projects to work on.  These should require the use of skills learned in the tutorials and have some purpose other than being something to do.  For example, a program that is either a game or does some sort of calculation.

Thanks in advance!

-Yazer Cha

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0 Franz Schmidt · April 12, 2015
I would recommand to do a little game, its way more fun than just some sort of calculation...

When I learnd C/C++ i began with some little games like Tic-Tac-Toe 
or a little keyboard game where a serie of keys appears which gets longer and longer and you need to type in as fast as you can the right letter and make the string shorter.
0 Yazer Cha · April 12, 2015
@Franz I actually just completed a Tic-Tac-Toe game.  Could you elaborate a little more on your second idea?  I don't quite understand what you are describing:wassat:.  Thanks for the suggestion though.
0 Franz Schmidt · April 12, 2015
lets say you beginn with this:
now you have to try to type this string as fast as you can because it gets longer by time.

that means if you dont type anything the string will expand in say e.g. a second to:
and so on till you reach a maximum and then the game is over
and you can make the expansion of the string faster by score

and if you would type 's' the string get shorten by this letter
but if you type any other key you get a fail or a strike or whatever you call it.

Hope you understand the game :D
0 Yazer Cha · April 12, 2015
I got it :) thanks!
0 Nguyễn Lợi · April 13, 2015
I haven't any ideas to make tic-tac-toe game. :(.
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