Help please. not running in simulator

0 Suprem Vanam · April 12, 2015

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0 Christian Russell · May 9, 2015
What is your program (or at least the relevant part) hoping to accomplish? Telling us that might make it easier to help you out. :) What is the highlighted code supposed to be doing, and what object is it referring to?
0 Suprem Vanam · May 22, 2015
Creating a TableView.. i was just doing the same what bucky does in his tutorial!! But he didn't get anything like this :dizzy: . 
Christian Russell
0 Nupur Garg · June 1, 2015
i Think...Re set simulator..and check app delegate method.
0 ahmed dahiru · August 16, 2015
It looks like you have a break point in there. Remove the break point and run your code again. "thread 1:breakpoint 3.1" Hope that helps
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