0 Bruno Pedro · April 10, 2015
So I´m having a trouble with my program that has got a database.
When i change anything on the forms, the values that were at the Datagridview and at the Details just simply disappear.
Could you help me please.
Waiting for an answer.
Bruno Miguel 

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0 Glenn Walker · April 16, 2015
Need a little more info than that.  However, depending on how you setup your dataset and assuming you followed the most frequently used approach for that it sounds like your update is the problem.  Also, if you have a binding navigator you might look in the properties of that and also in the properties for your binding source.  But all that is guess work without knowing more about how you are setup and how the properties are set on your datagridview.
0 Kevin Ongili · April 20, 2015
Just as Glenn has said, we need more information, maybe tell us how you are connecting to your database
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