Need a text book to follow

0 Mohamed Ouda · April 10, 2015
Dear all,

I am starting learning C++ and I found this excellent website, the videos are awesome and straight forward but I need a text book to follow in parallel with the videos to keep notes and for solving some example.

So could you recommend a title which best fit with this video series?

Best regards

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0 Christian Russell · April 12, 2015
"starting out with C++ From Control Structures through Objects" by Tony Gaddis

Been using it for a bit, and it's pretty good.
0 Homer Simpson · April 12, 2015

Get yourself a C++ primer,

-Krootushas Gesu

I'm currently on chapter 10 and I have to say it's a great book!
0 Mohamed Ouda · April 11, 2015
Thanks Krootushas I really notice that the tutorial is too basic to follow because I have programming background in other languages so I will take your advice and I will start working with a book. Thanks also for the books suggestion that will help a lot

Kind regards
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