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0 MANJOT SINGH · June 26, 2014
please somebody provide me video tutorials

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+1 james gartland · July 23, 2014
I'm guessing you mean VB.NET and not .NET which is the framework VB.NET uses. I'm pretty sure that a quick Youtube search will provide you will many, many videos. However, I suggest as have others in this thread that you not watch videos. Why? You miss out on loads of information I've not seen one video that covers the underling aspects of the .NET framework.

Go on Amazon and search for a VB.NET books then Google the title of a book you like adding "filetype:pdf" to the end of it and you'll find an ebook version free.

+1 Eugene Botma · July 24, 2014

He said Windows PLATFORM!

Except .net supports more than just Windows platforms. There exists a .net micro framework, which is used for micro-controllers, which are most definitely not running windows. Like the netduino.

Also, .net also has Although the websites need to be hosted on windows machines, they can be accessed and used from other platforms just as well as any other website.

Point is, .net can be used on platforms other than windows.
+1 tisoy tisoy · July 2, 2014
what is
0 Jessica Lunua · July 24, 2014
There are 200 videos about VB.NET on thenewboston channel

But i think it would be better to learn c# instead since the languages are similar and C# is used more. But i'm not sure, maybe someone can correct me in that? :)
0 MANJOT SINGH · January 25, 2015
Thankyou everyone..
-1 james gartland · July 24, 2014
@Mathias Frits Rørvik 
.NET Framework isn't just for desktop development try reading the Wiki page again please. 
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C# is an object-oriented language designed for improving the development of web applications.