how to block someone using my wifi?????

0 tisoy tisoy · June 26, 2014
can someone help me please....?????????????????????????

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0 tisoy tisoy · June 29, 2014
yes...!! thanks to all
+2 nosaJ G · June 28, 2014

Look at page 16 of the manual.  Link above.  You need to add your mac address to the wireless access control list, then turn wireless access control on.

If you only want to block one person and allow everyone else, then change the drop down to "deny listed" and add only the offender's mac address to the list.  
+1 H. P. Lovecraft · June 28, 2014
Are these the only settings available? 
0 tisoy tisoy · June 28, 2014
you mean this one sir ? but how ?? 
0 H. P. Lovecraft · June 27, 2014
Yes, that you can do in your router settings. You know, it is not very easy to help someone who doesn't give the necessary information. What brand is your router, which model etc.

Take a screen cap, and show us what you see. 
0 pd0sh  · June 27, 2014
In your router setting, try block the unwanted client by filter the mac address.
0 tisoy tisoy · June 27, 2014
thanks to all who replied..
0 tisoy tisoy · June 27, 2014
yeah i know the router settings sir mathias but what i mean is to choose only who i want to block or deny in my wifi.
and thanks for your replay sir..
0 paulo geronimo · June 27, 2014
Try to change your password sir.
0 pd0sh  · June 26, 2014
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