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+6 Kayne Donald · June 26, 2014
I would love for Bucky to do some blender tutorials, as I really don't think there are any good ones out there and I really would love to learn defiantly from my favourite Youtuber.

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0 Nahiyan Alamgir · July 2, 2014
Good idea. I'm interested in learning Blender from Bucky too :)
-1 Alexander Rackliff · July 15, 2014
that would be great he need to add some more free software tutorials 
0 Frank Janssen · September 8, 2014
It would be great to see some Blender tutorials made by Bucky. He always explains everything so thoroughly.
As for the earlier remark, there are already quality tutorials out there. You just need to find them. Examples of good sites are:   Focusses primarily on photo realism. Different kinds of difficulty levels.   Has a lot of tutorials. A lot of good ones are free. The others need some sort of payment (membership or directly buying a DVD or something). Even if you don't want to pay for anything, still a very good resource!   Collection of quality tutorials divided into categories.
And here are some Youtube channels with good tutorials:   Youtube channel from CG Geek   Youtube channel Sardi Pax
Have fun! :)
0 Çağlan Turgut · September 8, 2014
@Frank thank you ! I didn't saw these two youtube channels before. Sure I  will take a look at these..
You may check out: - More of news page but shares the good quality tutorials all-around the web in its Tutorials section. - The channel of David Ward- An old BlenderCookie employee. - Beginner friendly blender tutorials. - this guy has some pretty good series.

But Andrew Price is my favourite tutor for Blender even though I'm not interested in this part of Blender. He is the owner of BlenderGuru.

My Blender Page on Bucky'sRoom:
0 Frank Janssen · September 9, 2014
Hi Ça?lan!
Thanks for the links! I subscribed to the mentioned Youtube channels. They look pretty good!The first channel I encountered earlier, although I didn't know it was a former employee of Blender Cookie. It explains the good quality tutorials!
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