First Post - THANKS Bucky for the GREAT lessons!! 

I am trying to pass a variable (String) that I create with a weather API in a Marquee so it will scroll across my screen. 
I am working with the variable wind_string and know it works from the alert

success : function(parsed_json) {
   var temp_f = parsed_json['current_observation']['temp_f'];
   var wind_kph = parsed_json['current_observation']['wind_kph'];
   var wind_gust_kph = parsed_json['current_observation']['wind_gust_kph'];
   var wind_string = parsed_json['current_observation']['wind_string'];
   gauge3 = wind_gust_kph
   gauge4 = wind_kph

Next I try to pass it into my <marquee> with no success
<td><div><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">("wind_string")</marquee></div></td>


I have tried many different things with no success. I know I should move on to marquee in css3, but I need to figure this out first.

Jeff in Ontario