Would you rather marry your Mom trapped inside your girlfriends body, or your girlfriend trapped inside your Moms body?

+1 Bucky Roberts · April 8, 2015
Please I need to know, it is for science.

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+2 Dave . · April 8, 2015
These poles never have the answer I would give to the question.

I would rather be married to my wife trapped into Jennifer Aniston's body.

Since that is not going to happen I will live with what I have she's actually aging well for being married to me for 23 years.

Oh and she was as hot as Jennifer Aniston in her 20s to 30s.
+1 Garrett Gillette · April 14, 2015
wheatley summed that one up.
+1 michael walker · April 15, 2015
XD i cant even decide both are soo bad :|
+1 Tommy C · April 18, 2015
I'll go to Tibet and think about it, once I have the answer I'll come back.... My first guess is that I won't be coming back any time soon :P
+1 Tatrasiel R · April 19, 2015
Man this is a harsh question and supposing that it's just marriage and sex won't be involved with this. I'd say my girlfriend in my moms body.  The reason for the choice, is that My girlfriend is not just her body, She is her soul.

 It isolates two things, whey do you love your girlfriend and who is your mom to you.

I am turning and am in pain from this because in our culture mom is very important and we don't say such things about mom.

Now that I have answered this , Bucky you must answer mine.


I encourage all others to participate. :D
0 Christian Reiter · April 19, 2015
A lot of psychologists say that the most of us are marrying their mothers trapped in another body anyway ... 
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