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0 Michelle Lawson · June 26, 2014
I am working through the HTML5/CSS3 tutorials (I love them!)  I am looking for the code for tutorial #10. I believe Bucky said the code would be posted in the forum but I can't find it. Help? Thanks


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0 Ray LeDuc · October 6, 2014
I found them here.

THis link no longer works.

The above link no longer works.

Good luck all.
0 Brotsky Tv · September 7, 2015
hey there!

Check out this collection of html tutorials :
0 Fannie Makhokha · August 18, 2015
Hi Ray can you please send them to my email this link dont work anymore?
0 H. P. Lovecraft · June 26, 2014
It never was posted, sorry. You're better off writing it yourself, you'll learn better that way anyway.
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