Hello All:

I found this site through watching Bucky's tutorials and must say I like this place very much.
A language and experience diverse bunch of programmers all in on place, how cool is that! 

A glimpse of my beginnings:

I have been tinkering with logic circuits and electronics since I was about 8 years of age, a long long time ago. I was told that I blew across the room (a fear jump I figure) after taking an open ended extension cord my dad left lying around and wrapped it around an old police car (Adam 12 style) with the plastic red light on top and plugged it in  ...Poof!! (I was 5). 

I Love programming,
you can accomplish amazing things using a little imagination.
I Hate programming,
the hours spent typing and retyping code just to get a few steps forward.
The latter is probably why I decided to be an Avionics Technician (well not the only reason).

My goal here is to learn what I can, when I can, and if I can help whoever needs it.