why doesnt anyone help here

+1 Natan Fai · April 7, 2015
i see like a million post that are not answered damn 

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0 steven kitchener · April 7, 2015
People do help on here. But there are many reasons why some may remain unanswered.

Possible reasons:-
     Not enough information contained in the original post.
     The question is too vague, like "why isnt this working" without pointing to a specific reason as to why its not working.
     The post doesnt actually contain a question *cough*
     The person viewing the post doesnt have the relevant knowledge to help with the question.

That last point is probably the most important. As this is a training website there are many many people who are just getting their foot into the programming door and even if they know the answer to a question they may not feel confident enough to answer.

Anyway, i like to frequent these forums now and ill be answering what i can, when i can, but like many others, i can only answer what i know.

Hope this clears some things up
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