What was your first C++ toy/project?

+1 Nikolai Illyich · April 7, 2015
Hey I just wanted to ask you what you were able to create the first time you learned C++.. Because currently I'm just printing text out on the screen depending on what the user inputs.  

I'm asking so that I might have an idea of what I can be able to do next. Or maybe I just can't grasp the full extent of cpp yet.

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0 Kuroodo Ditory · April 13, 2015
Though I have made others, my first and most proudest project with C++ was my first Tic Tac Toe game (text-based via console)!

It had 2 players, human vs computer, and a leaderboard.

I later reviewed my old C++ code and compared it to the Java version I made some months after. My coding improved alot!
0 madimetja maredi · April 16, 2015
The hello world program.(u14004667)
0 madimetja maredi · April 16, 2015
0 Christopher Howard · April 24, 2015
I bought an Arduino which uses C++. Since I only knew Java I had to learn C++ to use the Arduino. I plan on using it to create an electronic boost controller for my turbocharged car. Kind of cool. Then i'm going to create a an Android App that can take a bunch of inputs from the sensors on my car that then get sent to the Arduino Microcontroller then to the Android App to output a bezel for my car. 
0 Mukul Chauhan · April 27, 2015
2+2=5  first toy... haha   // was tricky that time

students were entering 202+52 and answer was like 255 (( 2+2=5 )) lol
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