What was your first C++ toy/project?

+1 Nikolai Illyich · April 7, 2015
Hey I just wanted to ask you what you were able to create the first time you learned C++.. Because currently I'm just printing text out on the screen depending on what the user inputs.  

I'm asking so that I might have an idea of what I can be able to do next. Or maybe I just can't grasp the full extent of cpp yet.

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0 Dol Lod · April 7, 2015
With C++, a simple project you could do is read from a textfile every word line by line and input those as a list. Have the user keep guessing what the word is.. 

Another project would be solving a maze using recursion. 

Other things I did are evaluating prefix expressions. 
0 Nikolai Illyich · April 10, 2015
Well, that is indeed interesting.
I was up to like, tutorial number 30, last I remember.

Looks like there is more I have to learn.

It's just that I have a classmate who's really good at PHP and HTML and CSS and all that, and he says that I should study those first before cpp... that's why I stopped, and now I am confused.
0 Yazer Cha · April 10, 2015
I made my first project on lesson 40ish.  It was just a simple program that calculated the solutions to a given Quadratic Equation and Systems of Equations.
0 Yazer Cha · April 10, 2015
I was able to create a simple program that solved quadratic equations.  It sure made my homework a lot easier.  Languages like PHP, HTML, and CSS do not need to be even thought of in c++.
0 Aaron Whitt · April 11, 2015
First, @Yazer - get out of my head! Haha. I made the same type of program; A Quadratic Equation Solver. It was not the prettiest but it does solve the problems, and this is all that matters.

Next, @Nikolai Illyich - The most difficult part of C++ for myself is coming up with ideas that I like to program. At the time of making the Quadratic Solver, I was taking precalc Algebra and found this useful, so that is what I would recommend writing; a program that can help you in the now, that is touching on areas that you are already learning. The other thing that I have been working on is GUI. This way I can make my ugly Quadratic Solver a Pretty Quadratic Solver. :D
0 Yazer Cha · April 12, 2015
@Aaron what have you been using to do gui's?  I am just starting and am not sure which one would be the best for me.
0 Nikolai Illyich · April 12, 2015
Well, creating a program that solves quadratic equations... that seems a little too advanced for me at the moment hahaha

And @Aaron, you're right... I think creating programs that apply to aread that I am currently learning might be a little more helpful. I am currently learning cryptography (or at least some of the ciphers, and how they work) so I was thinking of creating a program that would let the user input a phrase or text message then the program would scramble the letters based on a programmed pattern. But I have no idea where to start; almost like a writer's-block for authors.

@Krutushas thanks for that, it really lightens the load off my head. Now I can focus more on cpp.
0 c student · April 12, 2015
@Nikolai Illyich
Cryptography is a nice one to begin with since it's pretty simple and straight-forward in terms of forming the corresponding algorithm provided it's pretty basic.  Here's a neat little reference you might enjoy reading: http://www.simonsingh.net/The_Black_Chamber/
0 Christian Russell · April 12, 2015
One thing you can do (which was my first real program and only one at the moment) is a fruit stand program. It should contain the following:

  • Track total revenue

  • The ability to sell fruit (quantity should be reduced, total cash should increase by the price amount).

  • The ability to sell fruit (quantity should be increased, total cash should decrease by the cost amount).

  • Bonus points: The ability to define fruit that aren't in there by default.

  • Extra Bonus points: Use a class object to handle each fruit.

Happy Coding!
0 Clark Alaan · April 13, 2015
Hmmm.. Personally I made a program that's very similar to a recipe book only I made it to store my passwords, then used simple cryptography to kinda make it secure. Of course, in reality it really wasn't and I didn't really put my passwords into it. O_O
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