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0 Shashikant Sharma · April 6, 2015
Hi Bucky,

I am new baby to swift .

i am creating ios swift based application consists of multi screens. Each screen are either normal or tab based.

i have just created only 2 screen .

first screen has 3 tabs and 1 button . when i click on this button , it redirects me to second screen.

when i move to 2nd screen i want to hide "TabBar" of 1st screen , which i am able to do it.

But i go back i want to "show" that "TabBar" , which is eating my brain and am not able to do it.

Need your help?

any sample code will work for me...

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0 ahmed dahiru · August 16, 2015
Will like to see your code. In the viewDidload method, set the UIViewController  hidesBottomBarWhenPushed  to yes:

"self.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = YES;"

This should make the UINavigationController hide the tab bar of the second screen (only) when you push(segue) to it. Hope that helps
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