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0 Natan Fai · April 4, 2015
how can i make my app to show a pop up, like an icon or something when it receives data?
a good example of what i want to do is the whatsapp icon you see when you have a new message...
thanks for the help

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0 Dol Lod · April 4, 2015
You could set up a listener of some sort to check if data was received and then what to do if it was. 
0 steven kitchener · April 5, 2015
Assuming you are making an Android app, you can use the "postToast" method.

create a new method and use this line in the body:

Toast.makeText(context, x, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); ...... Where x is the string you wish to show.

Call that method when you want something to show on the screen
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