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+1 Franz Schmidt · April 4, 2015
I need a little help here please:

I need to align multiple elements horizontal and those aligned elements vertical again.
That means e.g. i have two horizontal aligned divs and another two horizontal aligned divs and those two algined horizontals i want to align vertical how can i do this?

I know that i need to use -webkit-box-orient for Chrome and Firefox -moz-box-orient...

But I can't handle these elmenet orients.

And another thing:
I know that the parent needs a "display: -webkit-box;" but do children need this too? or  only the parent? and if i do this nesting where do i need the display?

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0 Sho Carter · April 5, 2015
so basically, you'd want two divs one on top of the other, but those divs have two within themselves?
(like a box with four squares?)
0 Franz Schmidt · April 5, 2015
Exactly :D
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