Any good php framework tutorials ?

0 Nikola Novakovic · June 25, 2014
Hello guys,

I am searching for a complete tutorial on some of the php frameworks. ( Would prefer Laravel maybe , but anything will be good ) If anyone could share a link , I would appriciate that :)

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0 Nivilus Vranck · June 25, 2014 He has some laravel tutorials, look thru the playlists
0 Jeremy Benson · June 25, 2014
Hey, Mathias beat me to it. When I read your thread title I was going to say the same thing, so I have to concur. The documentation is one of the only from a programming language that actually reads through somewhat like a book. It's got all the language constructs, functions, and objects that you'll need to work with. It's better than the fig'n MSDN, lol.
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