How should we tag people?

+5 Abdullah Nauman · April 4, 2015
There seems to be a lot of discussion about new ways to tag people. This post is for the community to post their ideas and make their voices heard. Up vote the ideas you like, the top will be picked and entered in to a poll, to be voted on by the community. 

My idea: 

#tag <Bucky Roberts>

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0 Tatrasiel R · April 4, 2015
I will answer here to show that I see your post Abdullah. I never use the tagging system, so I don't have anything to say on this. It can only be useful if the tag is searchable and would that allow everyone's posts to be search able?

Is there anything wrong with #SomeSearchableTag  ?
+4 Joseph Mancuso · April 4, 2015
A simple @ would make the most sense honestly. It's clear, easy to remember and is the standard on most websites. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Only problem I see with this is that there can be people with the same first and last name and I am not entirely sure if we have usernames on this site. Been a while since I signed up for this.

Picking the right friend or user can be easy with a small thumbnail next to the name but sending an actual notification to the user would prove a challenge. Could be wrong though. Not sure how Bucky designed the database. 
+1 0x13a _ · April 4, 2015
That could be nice :) 

{{ Bucky Robert }}

Once you write double brackets "{{" the system open a list filtering on keypress event

Bucky Robert
Bub James

And than you select the preferred from the list
+3 Abdullah Nauman · April 4, 2015

Ok guys so for the notification changes (for the stream, not forum) we are adding a notification option for when someone comments on a post that you commented on. We are also creating notifications for when someone mentions/tags you in a post or comment. I am not sure how I want to implement tagging though, I really would like something different than the @ sign. Maybe something programming related like: 

tag(wheatley core) 

Also, the great debate: Should we have Likes for comments? I really don't want this site to start turning into Facebook. I personally like the idea of no comment Likes, so people are more inclined to leave a comment. I think it makes for better discussion, but what do you guys think about everything?

Bucky wants it to be something other than the @ sign. And for it to be programming related. 

Also, I do like {{ Diego Mariani }}'s idea. 
0 HyJax LTD · April 4, 2015
I say have hashtags and some form of super tag that brutes its position to all the tags one by one and as a whole grouping.

#buckyroberts #socialprogrammerextrodinaire #developer !education

The idea for the supertag is so that analytics references each regular tag back to the supertag itself.  Supertags should be able to be domain queries as well (website addresses). In other words, a marketing web crawler would look at 'education' as related independently to the regular hasgtags;one by one, as well as one combined meta-query.

#nextgen #development #tomorrow !today

+2 0x13a _ · April 4, 2015
To solve the problem about the list of users we have to use a unique reference to a user. I don't know if bucky had introduced yet the unique username field. In this case we can write  {{unique_username}} or {{user_id}}

But I think that you can tag only your friends, and the list will not be very long.
0 Hidden Tesla · April 4, 2015
I'll prefer simply @ or #...
+1 Hidden Tesla · April 4, 2015
No comment is OK as we have forum for useful discussion. But LIKE should be there...
0 Tatrasiel R · April 5, 2015
I don't particularly like the {{}} . It's not intuitive at all, nor is it fast.  I keep doing {}{}

surely , with all the symbols we have we can do better?
0 Abdullah Nauman · April 6, 2015

on liking a comment its good idea, even though bucky didn't like it, because if someone write a comment that you agree with him, you just like it instead of saying I agree with {{Abdullah.}}

An alternative to liking comments that was suggested by someone, was sub-comments. I think that would be a good idea. Also, let's get a couple more taking ideas guys. Then we will make a poll. 
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