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0 Anthony James Bacula II · April 4, 2015
What seems to be causing this problem? Can you please put the error message on a clearer perspective on a layman's term perhaps my apologies but i am what you would consider a newbie in this thank you and more power.

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0 Kevin Ongili · April 20, 2015
I would suggest you first check to confirm there is data before assigning it to textBox1 for example

         if ds.Tables(0).Rows.Count >0 then
              TextBox1.Text=ds.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item("column name or index").ToString
               'Message or do nothing
          End If

this will prevent the stack flow
0 Glenn Walker · April 16, 2015
At a glance it appears that you are trying to work with an empty table.  Generally, the approach would be to setup your code in an if branch to be able to catch the situation for when the table is empty.  Actually, the Try Catch above is an excellent way to deal with that.
0 Jenish Patel · April 7, 2015
0 Jenish Patel · April 7, 2015
0 te telo · April 5, 2015
Im not quite sure,actually.
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