I posted this website in another post but now it has a completely different concept. So I am planning on building a portfolio website template aimed at local photographers. In my last post I asked if anybody could think of any things I can improve on with the layout and look of the website. Now I would like feedback on the CONCEPT of the website.

Before clicking the link below, the concept of the website is to give it to a client where the client can easily click around on the page and edit stuff in real time is a super easy way. Instead of having to communicate with the web developer to change simple things, or having to learn wordpress or some other complex templated site, this is built for dummies. Also note that it will eventually have an admin login with a strong password and all that good stuff so all the editing won't be there for guests.

Click the content near the bottom and click on the information section in the footer, edit and hit [Save] at the top of the page. Let me know how it works.


Make sure index.php is at the end since it will default to index.html at the moment.