Whatsapp-like chat window. Java Swing or JavaFX ??

0 Francois van Wyk · April 3, 2015
I am busy with my own Instant messenger and I have tried (unsuccesfully) to make a chat window similar to that of the Whatsapp one using the Java Swing platform. Is this affect possible using the Java Swing platform or should I switch to JavaFX?
Advise and/or tips please.

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0 Francois van Wyk · April 20, 2015
Dankie. I'll start looking up JavaFX tutorials
+1 Branislav Lazic · April 4, 2015
JavaFX. But expect to be hard since JavaFX styling is ridiculously badly documented. 
Pro tip: You can use SceneBuilder to inspect CSS hierarchies.
0 Paarth Tandon · April 3, 2015
you should switch to JAVAFX for a more modern look and feel.
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