0 Anyaba francisco · April 3, 2015
pls if i aready learn jquery do i need to to php?

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0 Les Carbonaro · April 4, 2015
Hi Anyaba.

The short answer is yes.

Here is the longer answer. 

jQuery and PHP each handle different aspects of a web application 

PHP is a back-end, server-side language. Most commonly one would use PHP to fetch or save data, in other words to interact with a database of some sort, MySQL for example. The results of these data operations would then be passed on to the presentation layer.

jQuery, on the other hand, is a Javascript library that is used at the front-end, in conjunction with HTML/CSS, to handle user interactions, for example what happens when the user clicks a particular button or selects something from a drop-down.

Now, having said that, if you are not too keen on PHP, nowadays Javascript is increasingly being used for the back-end as well. (See Bucky's tutorial videos on Node.js on this site.) If you already know jQuery, and therefore presumably already have some understanding of Javascript, you might find it easier to learn a back-end Javascript framework (such as Node.js). 

Hope this has helped you somewhat.
0 Anyaba francisco · April 15, 2015
thank you les.you have said it all:)
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Server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages.