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0 Thundah McAnus · April 3, 2015
So were learning C++ in school, currently For. We had a test where we had 2 tasks explaining what the program does and we had to program it basicly using For. So they said to choose the second task which is easier but still i sat at it for 80 minutes and still coudn't get it to work how it should. One guy did it in 10 minutes and i asked how. He showed me that i messed up the variables in the for function thing.

Maybe one of you guys could like give me some simple tasks, for me to train using for :D 

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0 Brian Reed · April 3, 2015
Hello Thundah,

I highly recommend watching the video tutorials on this site. They are very well done and excellent for going over what you have learned in school. They are all short (5-9 min each) and Video 22 covers the for loop.

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