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0 Alejandro Karma · April 3, 2015
Hello people,

I have some questions about pycharm.

My trial period of Pycharm is over and I would like to know whether it is worth it to pay 100 Euro for a period of a year (i'm kinda broke right now :().
And is it possible to get the program for free or get a discount somehow.
The last thing which i want to know is do I really need Pycharm to continue the tutorials.

I'm sorry for my bad typing, guess i have to blame the alcohol.

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+1 Colonel Panic · April 3, 2015
No, you need nothing more than a text editor.   

I never suggest an IDE for people who are just learning a language.   All of its features get in the way of learning the basics. I have always felt that new coders spend just as much time learning how to accomplish simple tasks in the IDE as much as they do on the coding itself.

I program in python all the time professionally.   Until my company was willing to purchase a license for me, I never felt it worth the cash.   Even now I spend most of my time writing the code in sublime text or VIM.   I only pull out pycharm when I have a really difficult time finding a logical error and want to use its debugging features to step through the execution. 

Same goes for my version of Ruby Mine
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