Is it worthy to learn outdated Java tutorials from thenewboston ? But these tutorials seems very good than any other tutorials online.

+1 N M G · April 1, 2015
I am new to java programming. I started learning it from I must say its really great tutorials from basics. But I came to know that, it is really outdated. It features Java 6 and the latest one is Java 8. It has latest features like lambda expressions which lessens the amount of typing. Is there any plan to update these tutorials. Is it worthy if I learn outdated tutorials from this site. One thing I can say, none of other sites provides such a nice tutorial.

It also features swing architecture and socket programming. There are videos featuring how to make an instant messenger. For this semester's project, I am planning to make an instant messenger with file sharing and additional features. I hope these tutorials will be a great resource as a base. But as these tutorials are outdated, is it worthy to learn from this site

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0 N M G · April 3, 2015
Thak you guys for the replies.
0 Nicholas Eason · April 2, 2015
You also need to keep in mind that all of his tutorials are basic tutorials to get people started. It's up to you to go out and fully learn the language, no single person plans to teach it all to you. So while lambda expressions may lessen the amount of typing, it might not be a generally "valuable" feature to the language, like say, if statements.
0 steven kitchener · April 2, 2015
Hi N M G,

I followed every one of these tutorials about 6 months ago and never encountered a problem with them being "outdated" and ive been coding ever since on a lot of the skills ive learnt here.

My advice would be to go through the tutorials and if, in the future, you find that a part of your knowledge is outdated then updating it will be a less daunting task than trying to learn everything new from scratch. 

As youve stated this site produces some great tutorials and i doubt you will find better elsewhere.

I would at least go through the basic tutorials at least once as the basics havent changed (not drastically,if at all, anyway).

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