Best books for learning Node.js?

+12 Bucky Roberts · April 1, 2015
What books did you use when learning Node.js? Here are some of the books I read (that I can remember)

Beginning Node.js
One of the better books for starting out with Node, but you definitely need some JavaScript experience before reading. Lots of good examples, but the way the author explains some things is kind of difficult to follow.

Practical Node.js
Good for learning how you would use Node in actual projects and also with some of the most popular libraries.

Node.js the Right Way
Would not recommend. Rather brief and most concepts were not very well explained.

The Node Beginner Book
Very short (only 66 pages) but it teaches you how to create a very simple server.

Node.js in Practice
Good book, but definitely not for the beginner. Author seems to kind of cram everything together but lots of good examples.

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+7 Joseph Bywater · April 1, 2015
Why do you need books when you have Bucky Roberts? :D
+1 Sho Carter · April 2, 2015
I usually read:

This is what I use, in conjunction with AngularJS and MongoDB.

Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS Web Development: The Definitive Guide to Building JavaScript-Based Web Applications from Server to Frontend (Developer's Library) Paperback – 18 Jun 2014
0 Arthur lee · April 9, 2015
Sorry to wheatley core, i was trying to reply to u, but i didnt check the button clearly, here i got a website where u can get free ebooks, i hope it could help u!!
+1 Arthur lee · April 9, 2015
this is the website!
0 Michael Kornelakis · April 16, 2015
Arthur lee....THANK YOU!!! :)
+1 Sho Carter · April 20, 2015
If you want some fundamental stuff in NodeJS, then here:

Any other question regarding NodeJS, then PM me, I'd be glad to help where I can.
0 Rana Muhammad zubair sabir · May 5, 2015
What will be future of ruby on rails? Like most people and corporate websites are shifting them on NODE.JS?
0 Amit Benaish · June 5, 2015
bucky i thins its a good idea to recommend the books that you find most useful for other languge as well ... java , c, cpp , objective c etc... 
0 Pradeep Vishwakarma · July 3, 2015
i have bucky i don't need any book.....
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