Emulator Problem ! !

0 Efe Mucahid Sener · March 31, 2015
Does anyone know why I'm getting following error?:

Creating filesystem with parameters:
    Size: 69206016
    Block size: 4096
    Blocks per group: 32768
    Inodes per group: 4224
    Inode size: 256
    Journal blocks: 1024
    Blocks: 16896
    Block groups: 1
    Reserved block group size: 7
Created filesystem with 11/4224 inodes and 1302/16896 blocks
emulator: device fd:804
HAX is not working and emulator runs in emulation mode
emulator: The memory needed by this VM exceeds the driver limit.
creating window 23 46 193 322

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0 thomas kensah · March 31, 2015
its basically because Intel Hyper-V is not enabled or supported on your system(computer)
which is a technology that accelerates the launching of the android emulator
and its probably only supported on Intel based machines. But you shouldn't have any problems as
the emulator will run in emulation mode - and a little bit slower than the latter.
0 thomas kensah · March 31, 2015
and i believe you should feed your baby with a little more system memory also probably
somewhere between 4GB and higher. :)
0 Manoj Meena · March 31, 2015
Go to your BIOS and enable virtual technology....
0 Efe Mucahid Sener · April 2, 2015
Thomas this laptop that i'm using it right now is actually pretty humble with intel celeron 2.16 ghz cpu and 4gb ram so you might
be correct :) but on the other side, i kind of solved the problem at some point and got this following " HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode"  but it was still didn't pop up.  
0 Efe Mucahid Sener · April 2, 2015
Thanks manoj, I checked it but  Virtual tech already enabled.
0 thomas kensah · April 7, 2015
ok if you got "HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virtual mode" then virtualization is enabled. I don't get the part of your post which goes "but it was still didn't pop up" what were you trying to say.
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