run length coding

+1 Nkululeko Myeni · March 30, 2015
how can i create a runlength coding using one dynamic array, but not using vectors and strings

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0 Nkululeko Myeni · April 2, 2015
no i do not know the size
0 Nkululeko Myeni · April 1, 2015
guys I  do not know how to start, it my first time programming, @Kroosushas  
0 James Juan · April 1, 2015
, .use nested for loops.
0 Nkululeko Myeni · March 31, 2015
there is this thing like_ if my input is AAAABBCDD the output should be A3B2CD2 
0 Dol Lod · March 30, 2015
What exactly are you doing? So far all I understand is that you want a dynamic array. If you mean that you want to create a dynamic array at runtime, you can use cin to get an int and then use that with the new command to create a dynamic array.
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