Need help with some basic c++ code

0 a syafiq · March 30, 2015
can someone help me i have been experiencing some problems with my source code. I wanted to create a simple program  for my sis to improve her maths but there are some problems with the code. I wanted to see what happens when i use a char value when prompted to use a numerical value the output was the whole system looping and causing the program to crash. Any help is appreciated.

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0 Dol Lod · March 30, 2015
Unless you post code nobody can help you.
0 Nicholas Eason · March 30, 2015
Wrong forum

You might be looking for the C++ forums :P
+3 Donald Trump · March 30, 2015
0 Homer Simpson · March 30, 2015
I'd like to order a jumbo jack with fries and a coke.

... Wait what? 
.. What do you mean I can't order food here..? 
This is the Java forum? ... Well this is awkward....
0 Kuroodo Ditory · April 2, 2015
>Wrong forum
>No code or specifics

10/10 best thing I've read/encountered on these forums so far
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