Help me develop logic.

0 Usama tariq · March 28, 2015
Can someone please tell me how can I practice C++.What I mean to say is that I know the syntax.But I fail to make programs.

Please Help.

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0 Dol Lod · March 28, 2015
Write basic projects to do certain things.

For example, you could write a program in C++ to implement a specific type of sort i.e. selection sort, bubble sort, mergesort, insertionsort. Difficulty: easy, mergesort:easy-medium

Another idea would be to write a linkedlist on your own using a template. Difficulty: medium

Writing a rotational cipher would also not be that hard. Difficulty:easy

Write a binary tree Difficulty:hard

Anyway, just keep writing code for projects you come up with and eventually you will be able to design programs fairly quickly.
0 James Murphy · March 29, 2015
If you're proficient in syntax and are familiar with the logic of C++, try creating a simple game with a user interface, like tic tac toe
0 Savad Dekrup · March 29, 2015
How to develop "Logic"?

Think like: "What if?"

What if I am a dog?

Will I be:
- Dogs are smart!
Why are they smart?
- Because...

- Dogs can be trusted! //Sometimes
Why dogs can be trusted?
- Because...
-Dogs smell bad :C
Why dogs smell bad?
- Well, they are like Shrek // o_o
-Dogs cannot be trusted! //Sometimes
Why dogs cannot be trusted?
- Sometimes, they secretly eat your food. // LOL

You need to think of a reason for everything you did or ask yourself a question. Think about real life issue, think from the begining to the end. And then, make a conclusion.


Never ever give up, if you see someone is talented than you. You will never give up, or else you will fail and you will regret. Everyone has their own unique ability, even though he is good at problem solving. It does not mean that you can't be one. Try hard, keep learning and someday you will surpass him/her. 

REMEMBER THIS: No One Is Perfect

DISCLAIMER: I am speaking from my personal experience, I too, have problems of developing logic and try hard to surpass someone. 

I Hope this will help, 
0 Usama tariq · March 29, 2015
Thankyou All.
0 Abdul Majid Qureshi Qureshi · March 31, 2015
Please can anyone reply me with a website which can give bunch of problems to practice for C++ . I will really appreciate that.
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