Need help before I do something rusty

0 Gideon Appoh · March 28, 2015
Hello, i am new to programming just finished the php video course and I want to start a personal project like a php school management system. Can you give me the steps to follow so that i can have a very organized php standard application. 

Thanks for your time. You are a real programmer.

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0 oleh kovalyk · March 29, 2015
If you think, you know PHP on basic level you can try to use some Frameworck , In the framework you can see some rules of php OOP  programming at the same time you can learn something new
0 Sho Carter · March 30, 2015
...and in addition to Oleh's point, I'd strongly suggest you either understand the concepts of OOP first so that you can develop more efficiently.

On that note, I'd say, if you want to build something rather quick, I'd recommend you use CodeIgniter Framework - to get to grips with the basics of MVC (Model-View-Controller).
0 Gideon Appoh · April 6, 2015
Thanks. But i wish i could do everything on my own without someone's framework. Can you help?
0 Sho Carter · April 6, 2015
It's still possible, but the question now would be how you'd want help, because we can give steps, (which would be detailed), but you'd require some extensive knowledge and experience to be able to built it yourself.
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