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0 Matthew Swart · March 28, 2015

I am wondering if anyone can help me in the right direction. We have just done Classes in java, I get the constructor ad the getters and setters and have a few programs that are working. 

Now I am trying to set my constructor by populating(Best English word I can come up with) with scanner information and I am getting no where with it.

Please find my program at the following links: 


Second part:

I have Googled so much over the last 48 hours over this and still no end to what I am doing so any help will be appreciated.

Thanks Matthew

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+1 abhishek varma · April 1, 2015
your scanned information should be first saved into a variable, it might be a string or int or any thing....then pass that variable to your constructor as a parameter...this is more long way but good for starters.....setters and getters are a bit advanced topic for you

might this help you
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