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0 Gourish Bhat · March 28, 2015
I  have downloaded the android studio bundle and installed it. but after i open it for the first time, a pop up displays that the SDK tools directory is missing. can anybody help me out on this??

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0 Steve O · March 28, 2015
I suggest watching Bucky's second tutorial in his Android App Development for Beginners series:

He talks about setting it up from basic install to ready-to-use and there are some useful tips in there.

0 Sampan Verma · March 28, 2015
There is a option in Preference is where we have to set SDKs and AVD. I had the same problem. Download SDK from the the website. And in the preference add the new SDK url which will be your downloaded file. If any further problem exists call me on Skype.
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