Is Bitcoin mining worth it?

+2 Steven the awesome · June 22, 2014
Is Bitcoin mining save, and is bitcoin mining worth it?

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+2 Steven the awesome · June 22, 2014
What risk is there? Because you were talking about risks
+2 Buddy Blackford · June 22, 2014
the factors are equipment cost and electricity cost.  if you can mine more bitcoin than it costs for those factors then it's worth it!  I tried mining litecoins when I lived in Los Angeles, CA and the electricity cost was so much it made it not worth it for me.  
+1 Splatface Dev · June 22, 2014
Here's a good video that explains the entire thing. It shows you how to set up a bitcoin miner, shows you how to start mining, and also shows you a website which will calculate how much money you will make in a certain amount of time factoring in electricity, speed of mining, and a few other variables. From there, you should be able to make a good decision about if bitcoin mining is worth it.
+2 Steven the awesome · June 23, 2014
Thanks, I don't think bitcoin mining is worth it for me.
0 Ian Cameron · January 4, 2015
If your office is small, there is no heating, you don't mind a bit of noise and electricity is included in the rental agreement then bitcoin mining (via a mining pool) is worthwhile... in the Winter.
0 Arnab Banerjee · February 14, 2015
It may work or may not work for you depending up on your whatt kind of hardware configurations you got in your PC :)
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