Does the Universe have memory?

+7 Bucky Roberts · March 27, 2015
Can someone help me understand this picture?


This picture represents a single point in time. We know that the very next moment this baby will either:

  • a) continue to travel up (if it has just been thrown)

  • b) travel down (if it was already on the way down)

From this one picture alone, there is no way that we can tell which is going to happen. However, if we had another picture from before, then we would be able to calculate not only which direction the baby was traveling but also how far.
I guess my question is this: How are objects in the Universe able to travel along such a predictable path without any knowledge of their previous location?

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+1 Pere Garau Burguera · April 16, 2015
We can't know what will happen with the baby. 

What it matters is the velocity and acceleration of the object. If you know this two things (the initial velocity the object has and the acceleration it will have), you should be able to tell the path that object is going to travel along. So if you knew the velocity at that moment where the picture was taken and the acceleration of the baby (Basically the gravity acceleration), we can know what's going to happen. 

Time is the most difficult thing to understand, and I think if you think you do understand it, you don't. 

If we knew the states of all the particles of the Universe right now, we should be able to predict the future. 

It seems we are always at the end of time, how can you think, it takes time, but how do you know you will be able to think in the near future, it's like time is creating itself, it doesn't exist. The present doesn't exist. There was also a theory that time was not continuous, there was a minimum amount of time. 

More general question:

How do you define time? It's fun to look at definitions because time is such a confusing time for us the humans. 
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