TextArea like Wordpress or The New boston forum

+2 Sampan Verma · March 27, 2015
I want to make a text area similar to the wordpress or the TNB forum(when you have to create a new post)
What I want is to make Something like buttons which when clicked make the selected text bold or Italics.  Have a try on that.
What my research on this says is that we should wrap some elements around the selected text but how do they do it? Help me finding out how to build a text area with Bold etc option with aligning options and also like Adding Images and Links. This gotta be Fun.

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+1 Sampan Verma · March 27, 2015
just searchin and found stuff unnecessary.
+1 Sampan Verma · March 27, 2015
Dont even know what to search on GooGle for it
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