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+2 Boy Patas · June 22, 2014
Anyone would like to start and contribute "Swift" tutorials and resources? :)

BTW: Swift is a new programming language created by Apple

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+1 Zach Gibson · July 31, 2014
<h> Oh man i wish! </h>

my computer has a wifi bug with Yosemite or i would already be learning it haha

Personally i think anyone who wants to start apple iPhone  programming should start not with swift everyone will be learning at the same time with everyone else
+1 William Frost · August 4, 2014
@Zack I don't think BuckysRoom is vuln to XSS

To OP:
I'm preety sure Apple has released a book about Swift, Suggest to check it out :)
0 Boy Patas · August 17, 2014
still collecting websites that offer swift tuts. I will share it once I'm done. :)
0 Zach Gibson · November 16, 2014
Was not seeing is a cross site scripting attack would work here, i was seeing if he allowed custom headers like older blogs use to do, 
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