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0 Patrick Buechler · March 27, 2015
I've searched all over the web for videos/tutorials on discrete mathematics and can't find any. I know that to become a better programmer you need a solid base in discrete math and for most computer science degrees you need to take a discrete math course. Can you make videos on the subject? It would be a huge help and I know my whole class at my University has searched like I have.

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0 c student · March 27, 2015
I don't know about you but not everyone can teach mathematics, let alone discrete mathematics.  Sure, people may be able to teach programming to a certain extent but that's because you don't need years of prior knowledge and training to pick it up.  A subject like mathematics is built upon, you can't just pick up a book about triple integration or ordinary/partial differential equations and expect to be fluent in the topic(s) and be able to teach it.  If you're looking to learn discrete mathematics, make sure you have the prerequisite knowledge and a teacher who is qualified in the field.
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