Is there anyone smarter than you?

If you said something like, "NO ONE IZ SMRTER DEN ME"  then you might want to get a psych-evalution for being a GODDAMN KNOW IT ALL!

Now if you said something like, "yes... i'm the dumbest person alive." then continue reading, THIS POST IS FOR YOU!

My name is Donny.  I'm a senior web developer for a company called HostRepair, which I founded. That also makes me the CEO, CFO, AND JANITOR.  Bet you never met such awesome janitor, huh?  HUH!!!

Now if you're like me, then you would've stopped reading this by now.  Went directly to the comment section and would've come up with something funny and witty to say.  BUT YOU'RE STILL READING THIS.  So you're NOTHING like me!!!

I'm an innovator.  I invented an app called CircleJerk (which is the world's first fap-tap app).  Now you might be asking, "Donny, WTF is a fap-tap app!?"  Exactly.  That's why I'm inventing shit and you're not.

Now I know what you're thinking.  You think i think you think i'm stupid.  But I'm not nearly as stupid as you think i think you think I am!   I've worked for companies like, Silcon Valley Start-ups, and indie game studios.  And have been fired from all of them.

Feel free to +1 this and leave a welcoming message.  DO NOT leave a message telling me how you want a free webcam show. I stopped doing that years ago!!  Just kidding.  I never did that and never will.  So stop asking!!!!

Oh, and one last thing. I provide legit hosting services which I pretty much give away for free to aspiring developers.  I'm very open to collaboration.

Now +1 this and get out of here!