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0 Daryl Weston · March 25, 2015
Just wanted to say at the moment im studying varied selection of courses at university and found their teaching methods just very poor at explaining what it is they are teaching the students, in this case SQL databases. This became frustrating to me as I wanted to learn more and more yet the speed was very slow. So I went in search of videos online to find someone capable of teaching a fun, relaxed yet informative manner. There is not many but this guy Bucky is certainly the best tutorial maker on Youtube could possibly be on the internet. Quick and straight to the point and I honestly appreciate what you have done, if not for you I could have possibly not been able to grasp this on my own. 

You are a credit to those wishing to learn. From the UK, Manchester.

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0 Daryl Weston · March 25, 2015
Not all professors or teachers know how to teach, maybe I did not have the luck you had finding a good teacher or institute it seems. I asked everything I needed to ask, the situation is they did not teach it well. 

This website teaches it so easily that I am flying through many tutorials and taking away skills here, there and everywhere. However we all learn differently.

I just wanted to point out how great this site is. :D
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