When do you start coding in school?

+1 alex constantin · March 25, 2015
I am from England and I'm still in Secondary school, heading towards college.

In the US or in India or in Russia, wherever you guys come from, what age/grade did you start coding, in school?

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0 Sachin Kumar · July 11, 2015
I started learning program after 6 or 7 month when I actually started to fall in love with computer at age 16 and prior to that I didnt had much interest in computer.
0 umar abba juddum · July 5, 2015
0 Rohit Buddabathina ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ · July 4, 2015
I started learning code at the age of 16 from Buckys tutorials.Because there is no programming classes in any school or college in my State
0 Austin Elliott · April 15, 2015
Honestly my school district didn't even talk about programming until this year, and it still isn't taught. There are no programming classes, but our district officials are trying to "advertise" programming, and to make more kids aware of it. Currently I'm in 10th grade in the US (age 15).
0 alex constantin · April 15, 2015
Thanks for all the advice, I thought I was missing out on a better school but I can see that you all start independently, which is great to know!
0 Dol Lod · April 15, 2015
I started in college in my freshman year. Prior to that, I had no programming experience. It is never too late to learn. 
0 michael walker · April 15, 2015
i started at the age of 14 or 15 on scratch XD hightly doubt that counts so about 16 on java :D
0 Garrett Gillette · April 14, 2015
My school has no programming classes or anything including computers for that matter.. I learn all my programming stuff while in school on my phone..
0 Yazer Cha · April 14, 2015
Honestly, most schools, like mine, don't teach computer programming in any way, shape, or form.  If you want to get into coding before college, I recommend you just take your own initiative to become a programmer and learn from the internet.  Not only is this the largest database of information anywhere, but you can learn from amazing teachers, like Bucky, that you would never find in a classroom setting.

-Yazer Cha
0 Dimitrios Pechlivanis · March 28, 2015
We only worked on pseudocode only in the last year of school, fortunately I went into computer engineer college. Only then I first met programming languages. I wish I started learning earlier!
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