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+1 Akshat Bhardwaj · March 25, 2015
C:\Users\Rahul\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\tools\emulator.exe -netdelay none -netspeed full -avd Nexus_5_API_21_x86
emulator: device fd:740
HAX is not working and emulator runs in emulation mode
emulator: The memory needed by this VM exceeds the driver limit.

creating window 43 59 329 583
emulator: emulator window was out of view and was recentered

After clicking on the AVD manager and selecting the play button for the Nexus 5 API 21 x86 the phone appears and the above thing appears in the tab but the phone image stays and nothing happens as shown in the video. Please help. It's urgent. Thank you

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0 Sandeep Chikhale · March 25, 2015
Hello Everyone  , dealing with exactly the same problem mentioned above by Akshant .Any body please provide a solution
0 Sandeep Chikhale · March 25, 2015
Hiii Akshat 
Problem solve just follow the link 
1.Open AVD 
2.Go to the advanced Settings 
3.Scroll down and change RAM to 512 or below 1 GB
4. Run again and problem Solved !!!!
0 Akshat Bhardwaj · March 26, 2015
Thanks Sandeep and Adam!
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